Corporate Responsibility

Becoming carbon-neutral, one tree at a time

We don’t just help and support the construction industry, we do everything we can to commit to carbon neutrality. We’re a company that practices what we preach.

Environmental responsibility and sustainability are ingrained in the way we think. The choices we make are not just for today, they are for the future of our planet as a whole. That’s why we support both local and global climate change projects.

How Your Environment is helping the planet

At Your Environment, we’re a climate positive workforce that keeps our impact on the planet at a minimum. We are working with Ecologi to take every possible action to become carbon neutral and give back to our planet.

View our climate-change impact to date

1. Increasing carbon absorption with reforestation projects in the UK

We support tree-planting partners in the United Kingdom, particularly in Scotland. In conjunction with The Future Forest Company (FFC), we help to restore the land through reforestation. The aim is to increase the amount of carbon absorbed by planting trees. In order to prevent ecological collapse, we now know that planting trees is vital.

2. Supporting tree-planting projects on a global scale

Climate change is a global challenge, so we don’t just support local projects. On our journey to carbon-neutral living, we also support tree-planting initiatives around the world. Planting trees is one of the best tools for tackling the climate crisis.

3. Offsetting carbon to reducing our carbon footprint with every step

We’ve made it our business is to build responsibly and that means taking care of the world around us. That’s why our aim is to offset all of the carbon we use. It is our responsibility to take action and create a new, carbon-neutral path.

4. Growing and developing our climate positive workforce

Becoming carbon-neutral is a team effort at Your Environment. That means every person is actively working towards reducing their carbon footprint. As well as offering climate-friendly solutions to our clients, we’re proud to say we’re a climate positive workforce.