Geotechnical investigations

Giving you specialist insight into your foundations

We carry out Geotechnical Investigations on a low-cost, fixed fee basis so that your project is as cost-effective as possible.

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As specialists, we can design your perfect solution. We cover strip foundations to piled foundations, lightweight foundations, or slabs.


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Infiltration/Soakaway Testing

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CBR and
Plate Testing

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Large Scale Investigations

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For each Geotechnical Investigation, we provide a simple to understand report. The report explains your foundation solution in a no jargon format.

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How Are Geotechnical Investigations Carried Out?

To work out the bearing capacity of the soil at different depths, we need to take samples. So, in the area where the building is planned, we use a mini borehole rig to carefully place several holes to around 5m. These holes are very small and you’ll never even know we’ve been there afterwards

Next, we send samples to our in-house laboratory. That’s where we will test for several factors that may influence the foundation design.

We include everything you need in the package price which includes the report that outlines the foundations. You can give this report straight to your builder for construction – there’s no need for expensive engineers to interpret the results.

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We have worked with the experts at Your Environment on several commercial projects and have always found them to be professional and friendly.

John Helme, Helme & Partners

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