Phase 1: Desktop Study

Your first step in investigating potentially contaminated land

A site walkover is ALWAYS required by a Local Authority, other companies may not offer this as standard and will charge additional fees for this service. We include this as standard.

Our Phase 1: Desktop Study is the first phase in investigating potentially contaminated land as required by planners, warranty companies and building control officers. Also known as a Contaminated Land Risk Assessment or Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA), our reports are created to a nationally accepted standard.

Our priority is to ensure that your planning condition is discharged as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

The Desktop Study is carried out by qualified and highly trained technicians to the national standard. We carry out a site walkover, as is always required and also gather information on:

  1. Historical mapping;
  2. Geology in the area;
  3. Potentially contaminative land uses, past and present;
  4. Hydrogeology.

These result in the creation of a risk assessment or Conceptual Site Model (CSM) which is used to assess the potential risk (if any) to the end user, groundwater or habitats.

At YourEnvironment, Desktop Study Reports are the cornerstone of our business and we are proud of our reputation for offering the most economic Desktop Study reports on the market.

Our reports are designed to meet the requirements for planning condition discharge. We carry out all our Desktop Study Reports on a fixed fee basis with no hidden extras.

Due Diligence Information Report
exc. VAT
Required by developers and funders
Gives you the confidence to move forward with a purchase
Includes historic mapping and environmental information
Includes geology
48 hour turnaround
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Desktop Study (No Walkover)
exc. VAT
Includes historic mapping and environmental information
Including Risk Assessment
Applicable to Due Diligence
Includes geology
7 day turnaround

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Benefits of a YourEnvironment Report

The Report

We prioritise ruling out further works at an early stage so that you can carry on with your development at the earliest opportunity.

We are very experienced at guiding you through the regulatory process and liaising with the local authority, warranty provider, lender or building control officer.

The contaminated land regime in the UK follows a standard process of moving through several stages with a Phase 1 Desktop Study being first, followed by Phase 2 Intrusive Investigation if required and validation and verification being last.

Certain Local Authorities require additional information and processing which may incur additional costs. Additionally, large sites will require a more in-depth walkover. We will contact you should either of these be applicable to your site.

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