Phase 2: Site Investigations

Intrusive land investigations for contamination

Phase 2 Site Investigations can follow on from a Phase 1 Desktop Study and involve intrusive testing. This can be as simple as some hand dug trial pits with a limited selection of chemical testing. Alternatively, investigations can involve the installation of shallow boreholes and monitoring for gas with an associated report produced.

YourEnvironment are experienced in all aspects of Site Investigations and have a vast knowledge of methods. We prioritise ensuring that our clients get value and also get the project signed off with the regulator as quickly as possible.

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Site investigations aren’t disruptive to your day-to-day build. Once we’re on site we’ll either dig shallow trial pits or alternatively drill shallow boreholes. Both of these are simple to carry out and won’t get in your way.

Should your report show that any further action needs to be taken, we’ll walk you through the steps to Phase 3 & 4.

Phase 2 Site Investigations are essential when potential contaminants have been identified and will be required by your planning department, mortgage lender, building control or warranty company. We’ll prioritise your site investigation so that your build stays on-track.

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