Phase 3 & 4: Remediation & Validation

Remediation of contaminated land and validation of the end result

Following on from Phase 2: Site Investigations, if contaminants have been found on your building site then you’ll need to move to Phase 3 & 4 where the contaminated land will be cleaned and the results validated.

We’ll help you to clean up your land, get the results validated and signed off so that you can get on with building. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re protecting the people who will be using the land for years to come.

You might be concerned about the size of your plot and whether it’s possible, but watch the video of the London 2012 Olympic Park and you’ll see the staggering scale that contaminated land can be cleaned on. It will also give you an insight into some of the processes that we can use to clean your land.

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Remediating contaminated land can be done with a number of different processes, so we’ll make sure you’re clear on your options, and what’s best for you, before we start.

Cleaning contaminated land ensures that your building plot is safe for the people who are going to be living or working on the site in the long-term. It also keeps construction and ground staff safe during the building phase.

We’re here to answer any questions you have about cleaning contaminated land. Call us on 01243 787 150 (South Office) or 01484 637 960 (North Office) or email us at [email protected]

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