Have you ever wondered what Contaminated Land Consultants do? Or what qualifications and education level a Contaminated Land Consultant has? Or when you might need one?

We’re here to answer all those questions and put your mind at ease should you have any reservations about hiring one.

What is a Contaminated Land Consultant?

Contaminated Land Consultants address issues such as contaminated land which pollutes soils, water and also air. They are the ones who provide in-depth analysis and reports on environmental concerns surrounding:

  • Land development and construction
  • Public and private industries
  • Public works and infrastructure
  • Property acquisition
  • Regulator requested information
  • And much more!

They have an extensive working knowledge of environmental regulations and hazardous substances.

What does a Contaminated Land Consultant do?

The main goal of a Contaminated Land Consultant is to find the safest and most cost-effective solutions to manage contaminated land. They do this by investigating the land and seeing where and what the land is contaminated with.

A Contaminated Land Consultant possesses significant scientific knowledge and technical expertise. This enables them to conduct in-depth, accurate environmental assessments of the land. Although they have extensive knowledge and experience across sectors they can specialise in areas within the Contaminated Land field. So, the role of a Contaminated Land Consultant can vary from sector to sector.

But, if you are considering buying a piece of land to develop, an experienced consultant would fully assess the land prior to purchase. This could save you serious money in the long run if the land turns out to be unfit for purpose. They would also research any investigations that might have taken place at that site previously.

Another action they may take is to conduct a field survey (site investigation). This is done to collect data and samples to establish what levels of pollution or contamination might be present in the land.

Although they spend a lot of time out in the field on-site, they also conduct desk research and construct highly detailed reports. They interpret data to produce these reports which will conclude whether any contamination will affect the groundwater, wildlife or people. A good Contaminated Land Consultant will exclude any jargon and write in an easy-to-understand manner. At the same time, the reports contain the right amount of technical information to allow a regulator or expert to understand the report.

What qualifications and experience do Contaminated Land Consultants have?

Contaminated Land Consultants have a BSc or higher in a subject such as engineering, environmental science or geology. Also, many of our Consultants have MSc’s and membership of professional bodies and are chartered scientists or geologists.

In fact, the Contaminated Land Consultants at Your Environment are no exception to this. They also have a strong technical background within contaminated land investigation and risk assessment.

Our consultants are used to working across a wide range of public and private industries and government sectors. That means you can be confident they have the diverse set of skills, qualifications and experience needed for your project.

When might you need a Contaminated Land Consultant?

If you are planning on any kind of land development, you will more than likely need the expertise of a Contaminated Land Consultant.

Our consultants can help you with:

  • Air, water and soil assessments
  • Communication with inspectors and regulators
  • Environmental audits
  • Environmental management and remediation solutions
  • Health and safety guidance
  • Identifying contaminant sources
  • How to deal with chemical hazards
  • Identifying and considering potential contaminant sources
  • Identifying previous activities and any contamination
  • Land, air and water contamination
  • Legislative compliance
  • Property assessments for potential contamination

Our consultancy services are here to support you every step of the way with land development and decision-making. So, when you choose a Your Environment Contaminated Land Consultant, you are guaranteeing peace of mind and cost-effectiveness for your project.

To see what it’s like working with a Your Environment consultant, get in touch.