Land surveys are a fundamental element of any building project. It is a surveyor’s job to provide an understanding of the land, its boundaries and what’s underneath it. Without a survey, you won’t be able to get started on your construction project.

Surveys and boundary lines

When it comes to building an extension there are many factors to consider, particularly when it comes to boundary lines. 

These are some key things to remember:

  • Boundaries should not change beyond what was agreed when the property was first purchased or developed.
  • A wall will always be the common property boundary and not a fence line.
  • Buildings should not encroach into corners and there should be an overlap of at least 0.6m to ensure that surface water will drain away.
  • A building must never overhang the access way (first path to the front door) or parking space (if applicable). This is considered encroachment and could result in invalid insurance claims if the roof collapses.
  • Building works should always stop during adverse weather conditions such as flooding, excessive wind or snow to prevent accidents and damage from occurring.
  • Surveys should only be undertaken by qualified and experienced professionals.
  • If the boundary line is in dispute it may be necessary to have a land survey carried out.

What do land surveyors do?

Surveyors are the experts that conduct any surveys your project requires. They are involved in most construction projects and possess many skills that enable them to perform highly technical work such as understanding land law, engineering and even meteorology.

Types of land surveys

At Your Environment, we have professional land surveyors who can provide:

  • Services Location
  • Topographical Surveying
  • CCTV Drainage Surveys

Services location

Services location surveys help you to build with confidence. The purpose of this type of report is to make it easier for you to plan your build and connect to services with ease.  At Your Environment, our services location reports are thorough, detailed and include information on both above and below ground services.

We use advanced technology to identify and mark underground services on your site. Your Environment’s services location reports are detailed and include all above ground and below ground features.

Benefits of Services Location:

With Your Environment, you can expect many benefits. In addition to us using advanced technology, you can also expect:

  • An ideal service for complex site investigations
  • Peace of mind so you can plan and build with confidence
  • Mark-up services on-site or on CAD drawing

Topographical surveying

Topographical surveying is a method of gathering data about features within an area you plan to build on.

We use the latest GPS technology to carry out topo surveys. At Your Environment, we try to make things as easy to understand as possible, so we supply each survey in CAD format.

Benefits of topographical surveys

The experienced surveyors at Your Environment will provide you with detailed drawings and high-quality information for your project team. We deliver our reports:

  • Within 48-hours
  • With pinpoint accuracy using GPS technology
  • In a CAD format report

CCTV Drainage Survey

CCTV drainage surveys give you accurate information on the condition of your drains. Their purpose is to identify any issues and to keep your build on track.

At Your Environment, we provide clients with a detailed condition report which includes photos. We can even provide the locations on a CAD image. Plus, the report includes important details about any work required.

Benefits Of CCTV Drainage Surveys

Your Environment’s qualified professionals perform surveys. Our firm is an accredited and fully insured firm. With each report, you can expect:

  • Photos and full condition report
  • CCTV and cameras for accuracy and detail
  • Repair work information


If you’re starting a building project, you should consider contacting a consulting firm like Your Environment that can help you source qualified surveyors and advise you on the best way to keep your project on track.

Our team can also provide bespoke land surveys and solutions to help you achieve your property goals.  For more information, get in touch.