Soakaway Testing

Testing to ascertain infiltration rates of water to design soakaways and drainage solutions

YourEnvironment can carry out soakaway testing to BRE365 standard. This is used for calculating the infiltration rate and permeability of the ground to design or rule out the use of soakaways. We use an excavator or handheld equipment to dig a hole which is subsequently filled with water and the rate at which the water soaks away is calculated. This, in turn, is used to work out the infiltration rate. Additionally, we can perform shallow soakaway testing for SuDS and micro drainage design.

We also carry out shallower soakway testing to BS6297 which is for infiltration for drainage fields, usually from packaged treatment plants.

You will be provided with a full set of calculations and the calculated infiltration rate. In addition, we provide detailed geotechnical logs for inclusion.

YourEnvironment carry out hundreds of these test every year to the satisfaction of our clients. We pride ourselves on turning around the reports very quickly. All site works are carried out with as less fuss and mess as possible. We can perform these tests in any ground – grass, block paving, tarmac or concrete and provide complete reinstatement if required.

Our Soakaway testing conforms to BRE365 standard – book a test today

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