Topographical Surveying

Surveying for levels, features and measured building surveys

YourEnvironment carry out topographical surveys using the latest GPS technology to ensure pinpoint accuracy. The survey is then provided in CAD format to the client. Additionally, we can carry out measured building surveys when more detail on existing structures is required. We frequently use this service as part of a package provided to the client.

We turn topographical surveys around in 48 hours – schedule yours today

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A topographical survey isn’t intrusive or time consuming – you don’t even need to be on-site for us to carry one out. You’ll have your drawings in 48 hours.

Our experienced surveyors will provide you with detailed drawings that will help inform your plans for your build and provide information for your architects, builders and planning departments.

If you would like to book a survey or find out more, call us on 01243 787 150 (South Office) or 01484 637 960 (North Office) or email us at [email protected]

Get a clear picture of your land and book a topographical survey.

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