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Location, identification and CAD plotting of services on site

We use advanced technology to identify and mark underground services on your site. We employ the use of Ground Penetrating and Cable Avoidance Tools in conjunction with sondes and dyes to locate services. We can either markup on site or provide a CAD drawing or both. This service is sometimes used on complex Site Investigation projects or can be used stand-alone for clients. Our surveyors are experts in finding, locating and marking services to ensure that no services strikes occur on the site.

All of our surveyors are qualified to national standards and we hold all the relevant insurances and professional memberships.

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We use advanced technology, including ground penetrating radar and cable avoidance tools, sondes and dyes to locate and mark services on your land. You’ll have a thorough report that makes it easier for you to plan your build and connect to services with ease.

If you would like to book a survey or need help, call us on 01243 787 150 (South Office) or 01484 637 960 (North Office) or email us at [email protected]

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