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A solid foundation for your build

Working out a foundation solution for your build doesn’t have to be complicated. Our foundation investigations will give you a jargon-free, easy-to-understand foundation solution that you can hand directly to your builder. There’s no need for an engineer.

We attend site with our own small drilling rig and place around 3-5 holes to 5m depth. We use this data to work out the bearing capacity of the soils. The samples removed from the boreholes are taken to our in-house lab and tested for plasticity, pH, moisture contact and other relevant testing.

There’s very little mess and the boreholes are backfilled with gravel or bentonite so they are totally safe. It’s a very minimally intrusive operation and all our site teams are trained to the highest standards, polite and professional.

We’ll arrange for some soil samples to be taken and our in-house lab will look at the soil composition to determine the best foundation for your build. You’ll get your results turned around quickly, so that you can get on with building.

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We’re fully insured, giving you confidence that the solution we’ve designed is compliant and compatible to your soil type and it could even save you money. If our tests show your soil is suitable for a shallow foundation, you’ll need less concrete.

Knowing what you’re building on is essential for avoiding problems further down the line. If you want to avoid unnecessary delays or potential structural complications then a foundation investigation needs to be part of your pre-building processes.

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