Contaminated Land

We’re here to give you clarity on land contamination

At an early stage, we make sure we rule out further work so that you can carry on with your development at the earliest opportunity.

How We Can Help

In the UK, the contaminated land regime follows a standard process.

It has 4 stages starting with Phase 1: Desktop Study, followed by Phase 2: Site Investigation and Phase 3 & 4: Remediation & Validation.

At Your Environment, we keep each of these stages as cost-effective and non-disruptive as possible. Our purpose is to guide our clients through this process and provide the liaison between everyone involved.

Contaminated Land Services

Phase 1: Desktop Study

The first step in investigating potential land contamination. It is required by planners, warranty companies and building control officers

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Phase 2: Site Investigation

If required, this follows a Phase 1: Desktop Study. The scope is dependent on the Phase 1: Desktop Study

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Phase 3 & 4: Remediation & Validation

Phase 3 & 4 is where the contaminated land will be cleaned or removed and a report produced providing evidence

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Each local planning authority has a contaminated land officer who will be involved with the planning application. They decide if you will need one of the planning conditions listed above.

Not sure which service you need? Get in touch, we’re happy to help with any queries.