When developing a site, determining which tests you need and in what order they should be carried out can often seem confusing and complicated. Here we talk you through the importance of desktop and utility surveys when carrying out construction on site.

Which Survey Do I Need?

The short answer is both surveys are required for site development, with the desktop survey needing to be carried out first. It is then advised you follow up with an underground utility survey to understand exactly what is happening under your feet before you begin developing your site.

The majority of surveyors will not carry out a utility survey without having up-to-date utility records which are obtained through a desktop survey, so it will save you time as well as reduce the risk of complications later if you have both surveys carried out.
You can find more information about Desktop and Utility surveys below.

Desktop Survey

Before any construction project that involves ground excavation can begin, it is vital to carry out a desktop survey. This will not only give you an overall understanding of which utilities and services may be affected but also allows you to adjust your building plans to accommodate any issues before work begins. This can save you time, money and help ensure the safety of your workforce. It is also legally required by planners, warranty companies and building control officers.

Why Choose Your Environment for a Desktop Survey

  • Low cost with no hidden extras
  • Site walkover included
  • 10-day turnaround (expedited service available)
  • A report which is bespoke to your site
  • Nationwide operation
  • Carried out to CLR11 and national standards
  • Designed to discharge planning conditions

Find out more about our desktop surveys here.

Utility Survey

Underground utility surveys are one of the most surveys to have carried out before you begin any kind of work. The purpose of a utility survey is to ensure the exact location of all buried utilities in the site and surrounding area, including gas, electricity and telecommunications. It can confirm what was found in the desktop survey as well as provide greater detail and help you decide if any of your construction plans need to be adjusted.

Why Choose Your Environment for Your Utility Survey

• Our team is extensively trained and highly qualified so you can be sure you’re getting the right services and advice
• We use the latest Leica equipment, including the Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar, which can be used on even the most challenging sites
• All our utility surveys are carried out to PAS128 standard
• Innovative methods of providing data to our clients

Find out more about our utility surveys here.


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