Flood Risk Assessment

Whether you have a residential or commercial site, our Flood Risk Assessment will identify any risks. We’ll also detail mitigation measures for you.

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What is a Flood Risk Assessment?

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is a technical report that reviews the flood risk to a site.

A flood risk assessment is required to demonstrate:

Assessing the flood risk of a site is very important as it could mean including sufficient flood mitigation/prevention measures within the plans. Failure to do this could result in costly delays later down the line or development having to be halted altogether.

  • There is little or no flood risk to a proposed development site.

  • The flood risk to areas outside of a site is not increased because of developing the site.

  • Appropriate flood mitigation measures are provided where required.

Flood Risk Assessment
Flood Risk Assessment

Why do I need a Flood Risk Assessment?

You need to understand the potential risk of flooding if you are designing or developing a new site. That’s why all major developments and any development in areas of high flood risk need a flood risk assessment. If a site sits within a known flood zone, as a property developer, planner or architect, you’ll need to think about how it might affect the community as well.

Flood Risk Assessment

What Is Included in a Flood Risk Assessment?

A flood risk assessment should review the flood risk to a site from all sources including:

  • Fluvial flooding from rivers and other watercourses

  • Tidal flooding

  • Surface water flooding

  • Groundwater flooding

  • Sewer flooding

  • Reservoir flooding

  • Flooding from artificial sources

Flood Risk Assessment
Flood Risk Assessment

Benefits of a Flood Risk Assessment from Your Environment

  • Cost effective and can be done alongside a SuDs report

  • Concise report in a digital format

  • Clear recommendations from experienced engineers

  • We use the latest technology and methods

  • Quick turnaround options available

Flood Risk Assessment

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