Measured Building Surveys

For detail on existing structures, we can carry out measured building surveys. Our surveys cover the internal and external building features, including floor plans, cross-sections and even elevations.

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What Is a Measured Building Survey?

A Measured Building Survey involves taking the exact measurements of buildings, structures and sites to produce accurate data that can be used to show the project on a reduced scale. This is a comprehensive survey that can relate to both external and internal aspects of a site. If you are planning to completely redevelop your home, getting a measured building survey is vital to making the process easier.

How Do We Carry Out a Measured Building Survey?

Before arriving on-site we will research the location, making use of all available site information including the use of mapping tools to understand the layout, surrounding area, orientation and any obstacles. Our engineers are highly trained, extensively qualified, and use the latest equipment, so you can be confident you are getting the best information and advice for your project.

Benefits of a Measured Building Survey From Your Environment

  • Industry-leading turnaround times
  • We use the latest state of the art equipment
  • You will receive accurate and high-quality drawings
  • Our experienced professionals have a wealth of knowledge
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