Soil Infiltration Testing For Soakaways

Soil infiltration testing to calculate the infiltration rate for soakaways and drainage fields.

We do hundreds of soil infiltration tests every year with as little fuss and mess as possible. Whether it’s grass, block paving, tarmac or concrete, we can even provide complete reinstatement.

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What is a soil infiltration test? 

Soil infiltration testing is an in-the-field method used to identify the speed at which water infiltrates the soil and the conditions of the subsurface in a particular area.

Generally, this test is administered during the beginning stages of the planning and design process to decide whether an infiltration-based design is viable for the area and where it is suitable within the location.

As a result, testing can ensure the successful implementation of a storm-water management system which has been specifically designed with the right infiltration rate to include soakaways.

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The importance of getting a soil infiltration test

A crucial part of the preparatory stage for any commercial, residential, or public project is infiltration testing. Through this testing, invaluable insights about the subsurface environment of a site can be obtained and used to create mitigation plans if necessary.

It is essential to assess the impact of a large influx of water on the soil of the location in order to guarantee the safety of the structure being built. Consequently, infiltration testing needs to be carried out in various locations across the site in order to gain an understanding of how the entire area would respond to a downpour. Moreover, factors like soil compaction are an essential part of the geotechnical investigations and can be indicative of the longevity of the structure in question.

Why use Your Environment for your soil infiltration soakaway test?

​​You’ll receive a full set of calculations and the calculated infiltration rate. We’ll also provide you with detailed geotechnical logs which are required to meet the BRE365 standard. With Your Environment, you can expect:

  • Soil infiltration testing that conforms to BRE365 standard

  • We undertake testing for SuDS or micro drainage design

  • You’ll receive an easy-to-understand, jargon-free report

  • The report can be submitted to your Local Authority planners to discharge a condition

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What is involved in a soil infiltration test? 

At Your Environment, we use an excavator or handheld equipment to dig a hole that we then fill with water. From here, we calculate the rate at which the water soaks away which gives us the infiltration rate.

Additionally, we can perform shallow soakaway testing for SuDS, drainage fields for sewage treatment plants and micro drainage design.

We also carry out shallow soakaway testing to BS6297. This is required to design shallow drainage fields for packaged sewage treatment plants.

The team here at Your Environment are experienced infiltration soakaway testers and can help you today with your soil infiltration testing with 2 testing options.

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Soil infiltration testing options

For all our soil infiltration tests we use our industry leading equipment. Our tests have a 72-hour turnaround time – and include a factual and interpretive report detailing infiltration rates. Plus, all our tests are held to the Building Research Establishment (BRE365) standards.

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Soil infiltration testing with excavation (we will dig the trial pits to perform the tests)

  • We can provide all the equipment
  • We will dig the trial pits for you
  • Industry leading equipment
  • 72-hour turnaround
  • Factual and interpretive report detailing infiltration rates
  • Carried out to BRE365 standards
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Soil infiltration testing without excavation (the trial pits to already be dug out for us to perform the tests)

  • We will provide all the equipment required for testing
  • Trail pits must be dug whilst we’re on site
  • Industry leading equipment
  • 72-hour turnaround
  • Factual and interpretive report detailing infiltration rates
  • Carried out to BRE365 standards
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What is a soakaway?

At its most basic level, soakaways are a buried method of draining. Commonly, these contain either flint or concrete, used as a storage container. It allows for water to pass through gradually and systematically, preventing any chance of surface runoff from flooding. Gutters usually connect to the soakaway and allow the excess runoff to enter it.

Finally, these devices also replenish groundwater which helps to boost the local ecosystem.


We have worked with the experts at Your Environment on several commercial projects and have always found them to be professional and friendly.

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