Detailed Drainage Design

You may need detailed drainage designs as part of your planning application. Our detailed drainage design and reports are more than suitable and provide you with in-depth detail.

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What is Detailed Drainage Design?

Planning applications often require that developers construct sustainable drainage systems, particularly if your site is located within certain areas, such as a flood zone. The first step to creating and implementing a sustainable drainage strategy is to book a SuDs report. This evaluates the site and determines which options are available for the drainage, as well as what would be best suited to your specific site needs.

A Detailed Drainage Design builds on this information and provides calculations and drawings that show what needs to be built and where. This could include pipe dimensions, cover and invert levels, as well as gradients.

To make our services as cost and time effective as possible, our Detailed Drainage Design is available as a package with our SuDs report and Flood Risk Assessment or can be booked as a single service.

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Detailed Drainage Design
Detailed Drainage Design

Why do I need a Detailed Drainage Design?

Every project is unique and therefore the drainage requirements will be different for each site. For some sites, planners require extensive detail to ensure the suitability of the design.

If you intend to build a house or any kind of development, you will need a Detailed Drainage Design for the builders to know what drainage to install. The design needs to consider all relevant guidance from the Local Authority, DEFRA, and observe the best practices from the SuDS manual. A Detailed Drainage Design will make sure your project complies with this guidance and ensures you avoid potentially costly delays further into the project.

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Detailed Drainage Design

Benefits of Detailed Drainage Design from Your Environment

  • Meets the needs of planning officers and builders

  • Quick turnaround options

  • Cost effective with package options available

  • Concise report in a digital format

  • Compliments a SuDs report and can be done alongside one

  • Features all relevant calculations

  • Clear recommendations from experienced engineers

Detailed Drainage Design


We have worked with the experts at Your Environment on several commercial projects and have always found them to be professional and friendly.

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