Determining which surveys you need for developing a site and taking into account the costs of these surveys is an important step in any construction project. Here we explore what affects the cost of a topographical survey and how you can help to keep costs down.

What Affects The Cost of a Topographical Survey?

Travel Time – This is an obvious one but the longer it takes to get to a site the more it will cost as travel times have to be taken into consideration.

Surveying Time – The amount of time it takes to survey a site can vary based on several factors. These factors include:

  • The size of the land
  • Site conditions, for example, overgrown or difficult to access
  • The level of detail required

Office Time – Once back in the office the time it takes to draw a Topographical Survey can be influenced by various factors, including:

  • The extent of the survey/if there are a lot of features
  • The detail required
  • The desired CAD output

How to Make Your Topographical Survey More Cost Effective 

At Your Environment, we offer several ways to make your topographical survey more cost-effective.
You don’t need to be on-site when we carry out the Topographical Survey. This saves you travel time or the cost of paying an employee to be on-site unnecessarily.
We have offices in more than one location in the UK. This allows us to easily travel to sites throughout the UK, reducing travel costs.
As cost-effectiveness is important to us, we usually provide topographical surveying as part of a package, helping you to keep costs down and reduce the number of site visits.

Benefits of a Topographical Survey From Your Environment

Our experienced surveyors will provide you with detailed drawings that will help inform your build plans. We will also provide high-quality information for your architects, builders and planning departments.

  • We use the latest technology such as the Lieca Manual Total Stations TS16 and Leica GS18c
  • We use GPS technology for pinpoint accuracy
  • You will receive your survey results in CAD format
  • We can cater to short-notice surveys
  • Package options for cost-effectiveness

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