A site investigation is used to assess the ground conditions, normally to decide if the site is suitable for construction as well as inform any construction plans. The investigation collects geotechnical and environmental information and is often a legal requirement.

The type of ground surveys and techniques used to carry out the investigation can vary for several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • The prior use of the site
  • Anticipated geology and subsurface structures
  • The proposed development design and function
  • History of the site and the surrounding area
  • If the site is in a coal mining area
  • If the site is in a flood zone

A site investigation is essential for understanding your development site and the ground conditions. It can inform your planning as well as in an important step in ensuring the safety of your workforce whilst your project is taking place.

What is the Site Investigation Process?

Site investigations are carried out with a phased approach. At Your Environment, we offer Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4 Studies and Contaminated Land Surveys.

A Phase 1 Desk Study should always precede any ground investigation as this is used to highlight potential issues and anything that needs further investigation and inform the next phase of studies/surveys. Often a Phase 2 Intrusive Study is carried out next. Site investigation techniques for this can include:

  • Cable Percussive Boreholes
  • Window Sample Drilling
  • Rotary Boreholes
  • Rotary Core Drilling
  • Dynamic Probing
  • Trial Pits
  • Windowless Sampling Rig
  • Soakaway Testing
  • Plate bearing testing
  • California bearing ratio (CBR) testing

The results of these investigations will be used to help you decide whether you need further investigations to ensure your project goes smoothly. With some sites, you may be legally required to get additional investigations, for example, if you’re in a flood zone.

What Happens After a Site Investigation?

A report will be compiled from all the information and data gathered from the ground investigations. This can then be used to inform any construction plans, gain planning permission, decide if other surveys are needed, etc.

Why Do I Need a Site Investigation?

Construction projects are frequently delayed by adverse site conditions or unexpected issues/discoveries. A site investigation ensures these delays are prevented and that you don’t need to pay for costly solutions later down the line. Site investigations are normally a legal requirement too, so if you plan to start a construction project, you’ll need a site investigation to obtain planning permission.

Why Choose Your Environment?

• Able to carry out a range of surveys/investigations
• Team of highly qualified professionals
• Package offers to help keep costs low
• Industry-leading equipment
• Quick turn-around
• Jargon-free reports
• Able to offer next-step advice


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