A utility survey is a survey that is used to locate all types of underground pipes and cables, including gas, electricity and telecommunications. Before you start any kind of site work, you need to know what is under your feet. We offer a range of services for the detection, verification and location of underground utilities.

What are the benefits of a utility survey?

The benefits of a utility survey include:

  • Knowing exactly what is under your site and planning accordingly
  • Preventing frustrating delays further into construction
  • Avoiding costly solutions to deal with underground issues that have not been accounted for during planning
  • Ensuring the safety of construction workers by ensuring they do not drill into pipes or cables

Do I need a utility survey?

A utility survey is essential for anyone wanting to develop a site. Not only is it necessary to demonstrate compliance with the best practice for Health and Safety but it will also inform the design plans for your project. Knowing the location of utilities will help establish the limitations of the design and whether any utility diversions are necessary.

What surveys does Your Environment offer?

All our utility surveys are carried out to PAS128 standard. We draw all our surveys and report back within 72 hours.

Desktop Utility Records Search (survey type D)

This survey identifies all known utility owners and their assets within an area, including a list of affected and non-affected providers, along with any plans, maps, and diagrams.

Site Reconnaissance (survey type C)

This survey is accompanied by a Desktop Utility Report (survey type D). Our engineers will visit your site to identify features that may indicate the presence of a service.

Detection (survey type B)

This survey is accompanied by a Desktop Utility Report (survey type D). The detection survey is non-intrusive and conducted using at least two geophysical survey techniques. Typically, we will use Electromagnetic Location (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to detect the location and depth of the services. Additionally, and unique in our industry, we also use GPS to accurately mark all of the services on a CAD plan.

Verification (survey type A)

This type of survey can be carried out alongside a Detection type B survey or just prior to site works taking place. Our engineers will visually inspect any services detected to improve the information and confidence level. Visual inspection of services can be via access points such as manholes or via excavation and exposure.

Benefits of a utility survey from Your Environment 

  • Our team is extensively trained and highly qualified so you can be sure you’re getting the right services and advice
  • We use the latest Leica equipment, including the Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar, which can be used on even the most challenging sites
  • All our utility surveys are carried out to PAS128 standard
  • Innovative methods of providing data to our clients