A drainage survey is used to investigate your drainage pipes and diagnose or identify any potential issues. At Your Environment, we use the latest technology and provide a detailed condition report as standard with all our CCTV surveys.

Do I Need a Drainage Survey?

It is a good idea to request a drainage survey if one of the below applies to you:

• You are developing a site
• You are buying a new home
• You are experiencing issues with your current drainage system

You are developing a site:

If you are developing a site a drainage survey will help you identify the location of your drains, which may have big implications on how and where you build.

Identifying any problems, or potential problems with your drainage systems is crucial to keeping your build on track. It is better to complete work to drain systems before you start work as failing to do so may see you having to backtrack or make costly changes to your site.

You are buying a new home:

Normally drainage surveys are not included as part of the standard surveys when buying a new home, however, failing to get one could cost you later. If you compare the cost of a drainage survey against the potential savings, whether that is helping you avoid potential repair costs later or as leverage against the price of the house itself, it is arguably something that more people should consider before purchasing a property.

You are experiencing issues with your current drainage system:

In your existing home, there may be issues that indicate you need to book a drainage survey. These include but are not limited to:

  • Water backing up
  • Bubbles around drains
  • Blocked drains
  • WCs not flushing correctly
  • Corrosion
  • Animal infestation

In these situations, a drainage survey is the best way to gather detailed and accurate information so that any issues to be rectified.

How Do We Carry Out CCTV Drainage Surveys?

Mapping your site drainage is a straightforward task. Our team of engineers is highly trained and uses remote CCTV and cameras for the highest accuracy.
For each survey, we provide a detailed condition report which includes invert levels, condition of the pipe, and photos. We can plot these on a client-provided plan, or we can provide the locations on a CAD plan. You do not need to worry about remedial repairs either, our report details all the work needed.

Benefits of CCTV Drainage Surveys From Your Environment

All surveys are performed by fully qualified professionals from an accredited and insured firm.

• Photos and full condition report provided on DVD
• CCTV and cameras for accuracy and detail
• Necessary repair work flagged
• Easy-to-understand report


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